Dangen Company Restructuring

Dangen stands by our mission to promote and support indies in Japan and all over the world. We have always had our developers' best interests at heart. And while mistakes have been made, we have always acted in good faith to resolve them fairly.

We feel that we have given sufficient evidence to support our rebuttal of the claims made against us. However, in the interest of protecting our current employees and clients from further trouble, we are making the following changes:

・In light of Ben Judd, CEO, exiting the company and effective as soon as possible, ownership of the company will be transferred to Dan Stern, who will take over as the interim CEO until we settle on a long-term management solution.
・In talking with Nayan Ramachandran we have decided together it would be best if he stepped away as a full-time employee. He will facilitate work on his projects on a freelance basis.
・Dangen will continue to honor its financial obligations. We request that any developer who has received a sales report and has yet to invoice us, please do so accordingly.

Dangen is staffed by passionate gamers. We love the projects we are working on and we remain committed to supporting the developers and their games.
Thank you very much for your support and understanding during this transitional period.