Publishing, Localization, and Marketing by DANGEN
Developed by Unspeakable Pixels
Coming soon to PC
In English, Japanese
1 Player

Batbarian is an action-adventure romp through the shadowy depths of a cave fraught with peril and steeped in eldritch mystery. Battle foes mighty and minute! Untangle ancient riddles! And detest wizards with their sneaky magics! Pip, your luminescent bat pal will light the way as you surmount deadly trials with trusty companions in tow. Plumb the depths of the earth and unveil the horrors imprisoned beneath!


  • Unearth lore shrouded in eldritch mystery!
  • Chat up strangers smarmy, wise and mysterious. Make friends and enemies!
  • Control your bat buddy, Pip, with fruits to shed light, apply magical auras, and solve puzzles
  • Open-ended exploration with multiple solutions to encounters
  • Uncover secrets revealing challenges and artifacts
  • Fast paced combat in carefully planned encounters
  • Level up and progress your character to suit your strengths
  • Traps! Death! Death traps!