Brave Earth: Prologue
Publishing, Localization and Marketing by DANGEN
Developed by [K]ayinworks
Coming soon to Steam (PC)
In English and Japanese
1 Player

Brave Earth: Prologue is a challenging and engaging action platformer, made in the 8-bit style of the NES. While heavily inspired by classic games such as Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden, Brave Earth: Prologue strikes its own balance between methodical, high risk gameplay and aggressive, fast-paced action. Brave Earth: Prologue's beautiful, hand crafted levels are filled with meticulously placed challenges, aiming to engage players more than frustrate them.
Play through a story that spans three characters with their own unique paths and playstyles.

Key Features

  • Three main playable characters with diverse abilities
  • Unique paths for each character, including original stages and unique paths through intersecting stages
  • Over a dozen richly detailed and lovingly crafted levels
  • Intense, memorable boss fights
  • A wonderfully composed VRC6 soundtrack
  • A ton of optional lore that does not get in the way of the main game