Tactical Galactical
Publishing, Localization, and Marketing by DANGEN
Developed by DANGEN Creative
Coming soon to Steam (PC), PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One
In English, Japanese
1-4 Players

Tactical Galactical is a real-time hex-based strategy game, designed from the ground up with game controllers in mind.

On planets far beyond our galaxy, three daring adventurers battle for control. Join Delores the Invincible, Zubair the Cunning, and Mikhail the Brave in an epic struggle to become master of the cosmos.

• Players control a unique assortment of ground units from their spaceship above the battlefield, from nimble humans, to shielded attack vehicles, to flying fortresses and giant robots.
• Discrete tactics form the backbone of the game. Victory on the battlefield comes from understanding units' strengths and weaknesses.
• The card system keeps players on their toes. Players must analyze their hand and choose to deploy fresh units, bolster their army, perform special moves or attack the enemy ship.
• A strategic layer with a variety of upgrade paths enables multiple play styles.
• Single player campaign, local skirmish, and online multiplayer supported.
• Three unique generals with their own card decks and play styles add additional variety.